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I've been passionate about hair and makeup since before I can remember, and I've long wanted to start up a blog to share what I've learned with the world. I think liking the way you look can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself, and that feeling of being able to look the way you want to look can be a super empowering experience. I'm mostly going to be focusing on how to care for and style your hair, but expect plenty of other content too: eyeshadow application tips, contouring advice and more. I'm glad you can all come on this journey with me, and I hope you enjoy the ride!

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13 January 2017

Coffee; it can be a wake-up drink with which to st

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DIY Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment Using Coffee

Coffee; it can be a wake-up drink with which to start your day, a pick-me-up when energy levels begin to flag during the afternoon, or a pleasant end to an evening meal. 

However, that everyday drink we take so much for granted can offer a whole lot more than just a simple caffeine fix. Did you know that coffee can be used as an anti-ageing treatment for your skin?  Read on to find out more.


Coffee is an antioxidant.  Its constituents can help to protect your skin from harmful chemicals found in the air and from the sun's damaging UV rays.  Coffee grounds make a wonderful masque for your hair too, harnessing those same antioxidant properties that protect it from sun and pollution damage.


Coffee has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties.  If you're suffering from a hangover, are feeling tired or have hayfever, apply a cold compress made from coffee grounds to the puffy area beneath your eyes.  The caffeine contained in coffee inhibits the blood flow to the area beneath the compress so the swelling and puffiness disappears as if by magic.


Forget expensive anti-cellulite creams – try cold coffee ground compresses instead!  The remedy works as the caffeine tightens up your skin by removing water from the area beneath the compress.  This is certainly a great quick-fix for a visit to the beach or a night out, but the effect is sadly only temporary. 

You can make a compress by simply taking a large square of muslin cloth and folding it around your leftover cold coffee grounds.  Place the compress against the area you want to treat and let the coffee do its magic.


Another pricey beauty product is exfoliation cream.  Most of these skin perfecting products come laced with micro-beads, organic salts, ground nut shells and other additives that guarantee smooth silky-soft skin.  All these products work in the same basic way.  The gritty element gently removes old dead skin cells as you wash revealing smoother new ones beneath.

Don't waste your money on expensive gimmicks!  Instead, save your old coffee grounds and add a small quantity to your favourite body-wash or soap.  For an extra-luxurious silky feeling, try mixing some grounds with body lotion, shower and rinse.  The heat of the water and moisture of the body lotion in combination with the exfoliating effect of the grounds will leave your skin as smooth as a baby's – at a fraction of the cost of those designer label products!

Skin care

Caffeine increases blood flow and when applied topically to your face as a coffee ground masque, helps to calm skin redness and inflamed areas.  This totally natural by-product gives you a wonderful healthy glow too.